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Estoppel Certificates

720.30851 Estoppel Certificates -
Within 10 business days after receiving a written or electronic request for an estoppel certificate from a parcel owner or the parcel owner's designee, or a parcel mortgagee or the  parcel mortgagee's designee, the Association shall issue the estoppel certificate.

*Email estoppels to the following addresses:

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Association's Responsibility

  • Exterior Building Walls | "Studs In or Drywall Out"

    • Sheathing, Block, Stucco, Studs, Insulation, Sheet Rock/Drywall​

  • Unit Interior Walls | "Studs Out or Paint In"

    • Party Walls, Drywall, Insulation, Metal & Studs

  • ​HVAC​​
    • HVAC Components - Compressors Servicing a Single Unit​
  • Common Area Walls​​​
    • Framing, Floors, Structural Supports, Decking, Insulation and Roof Cover.
  • Common Area Interior
    • Paint, Floor Coverings, Wall & Ceiling Finishes, Electrical Fixtures, Appliances​Cabinetry, Water Heaters and HVAC​
  • Roof/ Roof Cover​
    • Framing, Structural Supports, Decking, Insulation and Roof Cover​
  • Balcony Decking | "Unless modified by an owner"​​​
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Owner's    Responsibility

  • Unit Interior  Walls| "Studs Out or Paint In"

    • Paint, Tile, Wallpaper or Other Wall Coverings

  • Unit Interior | "In addition to Exterior Windows & Doors"​

    • Paint, Floor Coverings, Wall & Ceiling Finishes, Electrical Fixtures (Outlets & Coverings,   Electrical Panel)

    • Cabinetry, Interior Doors, Water Heaters and Air Handlers)​

  • Personal Property | "Unit Owner's Belongings​"

  • All Appliances

    • Stove, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Hot Water Heater, etc.​

  • All Plumbing Fixtures​

    • Sinks, Toilets, Showers, Tubs, etc.​

  • Window Treatments​

  • Screen Porch and Any Improvements Such as Enclosing the Screen Porch

  • Front Door and All Exterior Glass Surfaces

home keys
  • The roof    (Owner is responsible for the AC unit on the roof including any leaking & sealing around the unit and all wiring, etc. leading into the unit including the electrical panel)

  • The membrane/floor of the balcony  (Unless modified by a previous owner) but it’s the owner’s obligation to keep the covering clean with vinegar and water at least quarterly

  • The porch exterior walls (Unless modified by a previous owner)

  • The exterior wall paint out (The water spigot &  hose are the owner’s responsibility)

  • The maintenance & landscaping of the unit grounds (Unless modified by a previous owner)

  • The roof line gutters & in ground down spouts (Owner is to clean gutters around balcony & above sliders including  down spouts)

  • Basic cable, HBO & Wi-Fi (Owner must remove & replace equipment when the unit sells)    Call Spectrum 800-892-4357

  • Common Amenities: Mailboxes, parcel lockers, cabana, pool, shuffle board, pickle ball & tennis courts. (The office is not allowed to    hold mail or packages)

  • Pest Control-Exterior is done quarterly, interior is done as needed.  Owner can call to schedule appointment  386-428-0275

  • Trash & Recycling (Nothing but trash is allowed in the dumpster or enclosure & the owner must arrange for all furniture to be hauled off the property.  This includes any construction debris from vendors working inside your unit

  • A parking space

  • Routine Exterior Maintenance (By work order only)

  • The bulk of the water  - Owner will   see an availability charge on their bill-Utility Commission 386-427-1361

$410 Monthly Maintenance Fee Covers:

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