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720.30851 Estoppel Certificates -
Within 10 business days after receiving a written or electronic request for an estoppel certificate from a parcel owner or the parcel owner's designee, or a parcel mortgagee or the  parcel mortgagee's designee, the Association shall issue the estoppel certificate.

*Email estoppels to the following addresses:
To: Bookkeeper@bahamianclub.com | Ken Nelson
CC: Manager@bahamianclub.com | Josie Youngblood​

Estoppel Certificates

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Association's Responsibility

  • Exterior Building Walls | "Studs In or Drywall Out"

    • Sheathing, Block, Stucco, Studs, Insulation, Sheet Rock/Drywall​

  • Unit Interior Walls | "Studs Out or Paint In"

    • Party Walls, Drywall, Insulation, Metal & Studs

  • ​HVAC​​    ​| "Routine Maintenance, Inspections & Replacements are the Owner's"
    • HVAC Components - Compressors Servicing a Single Unit​
  • Common Area Walls​​​
    • Framing, Floor Coverings, Wall & Ceiling Finishes, Electrical Fixtures, Appliances​
    • ​Cabinetry, Water Heaters and HVAC​
  • Roof/ Roof Cover​
    • Framing, Structural Supports, Decking, Insulation and Roof Cover​
  • Balcony Decking | "Unless modified by an owner"​
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Owner's    Responsibility

  • Unit Interior  Walls| "Studs Out or Paint In"

    • Paint, Tile, Wallpaper or Other Wall Coverings

  • Unit Interior | "In addition to Exterior Windows & Doors"​

    • Paint, Floor Coverings, Wall & Ceiling Finishes, Electrical Fixtures (Outlets & Coverings,  Cabinetry, Interior Doors, Water Heaters and Air Handlers)​

  • Personal Property | "Unit Owner's Belongings​"

  • All Appliances

    • Stove, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Hot Water Heater, etc.​

  • All Plumbing Fixtures​

    • Sinks, Toilets, Showers, Tubs, etc.​

  • Window Treatments​

  • Screen Porch and Any Improvements Such as Enclosing the Screen Porch

  • Front Door and All Exterior Glass Surfaces

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$375 Monthly Maintenance Fee Covers:

  • The roof    (Owner is responsible for the AC unit on the roof including any leaking & sealing around the unit and all wiring, etc. leading into the unit including the electrical panel)

  • The membrane/floor of the balcony  (Unless modified by a previous owner) but it’s the owner’s obligation to keep the covering clean with vinegar and water at least quarterly

  • The porch exterior walls (Unless modified by a previous owner)

  • The exterior wall paint out (The water spigot &  hose are the owner’s responsibility)

  • The maintenance & landscaping of the unit grounds (Unless modified by a previous owner)

  • The roof line gutters & in ground down spouts (Owner is to clean gutters around balcony & above sliders including  down spouts)

  • Basic cable, HBO & Wi-Fi (Owner must remove & replace equipment when the unit sells)    Call Spectrum 800-892-4357

  • Common Amenities: Mailboxes, parcel lockers, cabana, pool, shuffle board, pickle ball & tennis courts. (The office is not allowed to    hold mail or packages)

  • Pest Control-Exterior is done quarterly, interior is done as needed.  Owner can call to schedule appointment  386-428-0275

  • Trash & Recycling (Nothing but trash is allowed in the dumpster or enclosure & the owner must arrange for all furniture to be hauled off the property.  This includes any construction debris from vendors working inside your unit

  • A parking space

  • Routine Exterior Maintenance (By work order only)

  • The bulk of the water  - Owner will   see an availability charge on their bill-Utility Commission 386-427-1361

ACC Committee

Any exterior addition, replacement or removal requires ACC approval.  Such projects include but are not limited to:

  • Replacing windows, sliders & doors with windows 

  • Adding hurricane shutters

  • Converting/Enclosing the 1st floor porch

  • Adding/removing pavers around your unit

  • Adding/removing a storage shed

  • Adding/removing a hand rail for your walk way

If you have a project in mind but aren't sure if you need approval, please contact the manager for more information.  ​

If the project is in line with the standards of the ACC Committee & CC&R's, your application will pass onto the next phase of the process, if not, you will be notified by the office.  Once the project passes you can file for a permit if necessary and you'll need to provide the office with copies of all of the attachments listed on the application.  Once they have received & reviewed all documents, they will either approve it, approve it with conditions or deny the application.  The explanations are included and you'll have the opportunity to review & revise any corrections needed for approval. 

Grounds Committee

Any exterior project involving additions, removal or replacements on the B.C. grounds requires approval from the Grounds Committee.  Such projects include, but are not limited to the addition, replacement or removal of the following:

  • Flowers

  • Plants

  • Bushes

  • Shrubs

  • Mulch

  • Rocks

  • Ground Cover

Important Things to Know

  • Tree removal by an owner is NOT permitted

  • Any plantings  or ground coverings installed by the owner is the owner's responsibility to water & maintain