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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

This committee strictly enforces the use of our common grounds by following our By-Laws.  Under the General Information tab you'll find approved descriptions of modifications owners commonly request.  ACC forms can be obtained from the office and are to be filled out completely and approved for any changes to the common grounds.

Committee Chair: Dan Dilullo

Dan Barnard

Pat Stajdel

Fining & Mitigation Committee

This Committee reviews and determines the necessity of a fine for the violation of rules after discussing grievances based on Florida Statute 720.305, the duties as stated need not (cannot) be expanded or diluted.


The Board approved Procedures for Fining Owners on December 11, 2021.  A copy is on the Bahamian Club’s website under the Homeowners Association tabs/Owners access/Bahamian Club documents.

Committee Chair: Candace Stewart

Gloria Scheffler

Lory Morrin

Governing Documents Committee

This committee is tasked with reviewing and submitting changes to the Bahamian Club's CC&R's and By-Laws to make them current and ensure they comply with Florida State Statutes. 

Committee Chair: Carol Zumbach

Walt Bettcher

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee Members work on special Association Landscaping/Grounds projects; following the guidelines of the State of Florida; Volusia County; and The Florida Native Plant Society as well as professional landscapers and native nurseries throughout our area.  

Committee Chairman: Sandy Murphy

Susan DiLullo

Kathy Fiumano

Candace Stewart

Jane Scott, Board Liaison

Insurance Committee

This committee works with the Manager retrieving quotes and reviews each estimate and works with our insurance agent to make sure we have up to date coverage at a competitive premium.  Survey the HOA’s responsibility of property to be insured and make sure that sufficient coverage is written.  The Committee performs research along with the Manager for additional Insurance quotes on wind and rental coverage, as well as reviewing the Wind Mitigation reports.  Wind Mitigation reports are available to owners to present to their personal Insurance Companies.  Assist the Manager in filing any insurance claims that are required by the HOA.  The Committee is available to the BOD to answer questions about coverages and assist in understanding the various policy coverages.  The busiest time for this committee is January through April each year.

Committee Chair: Pat Stajdel

Mike Barnard

Nominating & Election Committee

This committee is responsible for assisting the Owners in the election process of Board members at the Annual meeting. They obtain the candidate nominations and disperse them among the Owners in a timely fashion. They prepare and send meeting notices in accordance with the By-Laws and Florida Statutes. They verify who is designated to vote for each unit. The use of proxies and Owner’s attendance at the Annual meeting determines whether a quorum has been established for the meeting. They will tally the votes and share the information with the Board of Directors (“BOD”) and the Owners at the meeting.  The BOD nominates the Committee Chairman annually per By-Laws.

Committee Chair:  Carol Zumbach

Candace Stewart

Old Sage Committee

This committee is made up of owners that have past knowledge of the history of the Bahamian Club.  They're a great resource to go to for information and the committee is open to Board Members.  Your knowledge and experience, both old and new is appreciated. 

Phil Farah

Linda Stajdel

Rental Committee

The responsibilities of the Rental Committee are to review, report and/or propose to BOD the following:

·         Status of bookings

·         Cleaning requirements for housekeeper, office and owners

·         Rules and regulations concerning rentals

·         Required forms for rentals

·         Advertising including internet sites, i.e., FB marketplace, etc.

·         Suggest updates and trends for rental owners

·         Unit requirements for tier rental program

·         Yearly tier rates and rental rates overall

Committee Chair: Shirley Schmidt

Board Liaison: Jane Scott

Dolores Bettcher

Jacque Mellor

Roof & Structure Committee

This committee works with the Manager on structural concerns on the roofs, sundecks, mansards and buildings.  They do research on construction material for improving roofing and buildings.

Board Liaisons: Dan DiLullo & Sandy Murphy

Peter Bingel

Pat Stajdel

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