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ACC Committee

Any exterior addition, replacement or removal requires ACC approval.  Such projects include but are not limited to:

  • Replacing windows, sliders & doors with impact glass -OR-

  • Adding hurricane shutters

  • Converting/Enclosing the 1st floor porch

  • Adding/removing pavers around your unit

  • Adding/removing a storage shed

  • Adding/removing a hand rail for your walk way

  • Adding gutters in additional to those installed by the Association

If you have a project in mind but aren't sure if you need approval, please contact the manager for more information.  ​

If the project is in line with the standards of the ACC Committee & CC&R's, your application will pass onto the next phase of the process, if not, you will be notified by the office.  Once the project passes you can file for a permit if necessary and you'll need to provide the office with copies of all of the attachments listed on the application.  Once they have received & reviewed all documents, they will either approve it, approve it with conditions or deny the application.  The explanations are included and you'll have the opportunity to review & revise any corrections needed for approval. 

ACC Request

Anytime a window, balcony slider, door w/ a window is replaced, an ACC Request Form must be submitted and a permit must be pulled per the City of NSB Building Department.

Glass Types

Impact Glass-No shutters required.

Non-Impact Glass-Require hurricane shutters to be in compliance with the City code.  Shutters must be in place for the inspection to pass.

Permit Info.

If your contractor is replacing more than glass on your porch and will be going into your walls, a structural permit is required by the City of NSB Building Department.


In an effort to maintain harmony throughout the community, pavers must tie into the colors used in the pool deck picture.  


Pavers must be easily removable and not made of concrete. 

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Consult with Grounds Committee on tree removals.


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